About Us

Ocypode productions is a cooperative effort to share the process of science with the public through video.

By focusing primarily on the scientists themselves and the work they do–rather than exclusively on results–we hope to narrow the gulf between the perceptions and realities of science and scientists. We believe that a frank and accurate portrayal of the men and women behind the lab coats will help foster greater trust in the scientific process and demonstrate that scientists are not, in fact, beaker-toting robots (well not all of them at any rate). Nor are they maniacal geniuses out to rule the world. The truth is, you could be living right next door to a scientist and never even know it–small explosions followed by shouts of “eureka!” being exceptionally rare. See that woman ordering a sandwich at the counter? She just might be a biologist. The point is, scientists are nothing special. Well no, that didn’t come out quite right. This introduction seems to have run away from us a bit. But hey, we’re human. And that of course is the whole idea.

Ocypode Productions is based in Gainesville, Florida and is comprised of current graduate students, researchers and filmmakers. To contact us, simply drop us a line on our facebook page.


One thought on “About Us

  1. This is a fabulous idea! Anyone who works with children would say we all start as scientists asking “why”. Looking forward to sharing your productions with my classes.

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