Insured and Ready to Swim

After our recent purchase of a small underwater housing for our camera, we decided that it might not be such a bad idea to insure our equipment before submerging it in what is really little more than a large ziplock bag. With that accomplished, we feel marginally more confident about dunking our camera and lenses, by far our largest financial investment with the possible exception of Chelsey’s car, in salt water. We are heading to Steinhatchee tomorrow evening for a weekend of field tests with the new housing—well, in fact we are crashing the Dickson family scalloping trip, but we figure it’ll be a good opportunity to try out the housing as well as harvest a few gallons of delicious scallops—before our first underwater shoot early next week.

Boston Whaler

She’s a good little boat when the motor decides to work…

That’s right, we’re finally getting rolling on our next film, tentatively entitled Seagrass Savanna. We’ll be heading out to Homosassa with UF Fisheries grad student, Savanna Barry, to shoot her work on seagrass in the Gulf. This will be a larger project than the last film, with more work in the field and our first foray into underwater photography, and we are excited to begin. All that’s left to do now is clean out the carburetor on the outboard so that we can actually get on the water… That’s all for now, we’ll check back in after the shoot with maybe a few teaser stills. -Michael Crandall