In an Octopus’s Garden

A Successful Day on the Water

At long last we made it out into the field with Savanna! An early morning drive to Waccasassa, a quick, beautiful boat ride out of the river and into the gulf, and there we were–waist deep in dancing, dappled seagrass.

Seagrass Close Up Light meter hand off Savanna-mask copy Savanna-Morgan

Savanna, Morgan, and Sky are an efficient team and they zipped through their sites in record time, leaving poor Chelsey with hardly a moment to breath as she snorkeled about in their wake, camera in hand. It was Chelsey’s first day of shooting and, after reviewing the footage this evening, I think we’ll keep her. She seems to have taken to underwater photography like the proverbial duck to water. All in all it was a most satisfactory day.

-Michael Crandall

BOAT (Bust Out Another Thousand)

The good news is that the carburetor didn’t need any work after all. The bad news is that we need a new powerhead, water pump, and impeller.

It begins to dawn on me that our little side-project of creating short science documentaries is not exactly a non-profit. It is, rather, a negative-profit.┬áBut oh well. Whining aside, we are finally getting out into the field with Savanna tomorrow morning (we’ll just be hitching a ride on their boat instead of chasing them down in our own). We’ll be sure to post some images this weekend.

That’s all for now. Time to go get the camera gear ready…

-Michael Crandall