New Additions

pictureforblog.jpgYou may have noticed that we have been silent for a while here at Ocypode Productions. Don’t worry, we haven’t gone anywhere! We’ve just been busy training up our new sound guys. As you can see, we still have a ways to go, but they should be getting out into the field any day now. Ha but for real, the Ocypodes are back at it and we have some really cool things in the works, so keep an eye out for updates soon!

Cataloguing Team

This summer the Ocypodes were fortunate to spend some time in the Florida Keys gathering field footage for an upcoming project. The fun part: filming! The less-fun-but-equally-important part: cataloguing said footage (which means reviewing it all and recording information about each shot in a spreadsheet). But fueled by a coffee-filled Saturday and assisted by the ever-helpful pound pooch Puck, we got it done! (See our team hard at work below; such concentration!) So stay tuned for updates on our upcoming project starring UF graduate student Nate Berkebile and his work on the elusive and exciting Florida sea cucumber. Also, there may be octopi and some crabs in the near future…


We’re back/still here!

So clearly the Ocypodes have been slacking in our blogging…our bad there guys. But the good news is that we have not been slowing down on the filming side of things, and have started a number of new and exciting projects in recent months! Keep an eye out for updates soon regarding fun times with sea cucumbers, crabs and octopi. In the meantime, we have also been out and about with the camera compiling some basic b-roll of the awesomeness that is Florida. To hold you over as we edit/edit/edit, check out this collection of some footage shot last February on Payne’s Prairie in Gainesville. 

Winter in Florida from Michael Crandall on Vimeo.

Coming (really) soon…

to an internet near you! This weekend the Ocypodes just about finished our next film, featuring the work of graduate student Savanna Barry. We will be putting some finishing polish on it this week, but keep an eye out as we should be releasing it shortly!


Editing and editing and…

Aaaand we’re back! Excuse our extended absence from updates, photo (3)but the Ocypodes have been neck deep in avoiding editing these past months (with a bit of help from school and work and stuff). The good news is that the newest video, starring Savanna and her seagrass, will soon be coming along nicely! Soon we should have some more footage to share with you all, or at least a more interesting update. Until then, it’s back to the editing room…




Insured and Ready to Swim

After our recent purchase of a small underwater housing for our camera, we decided that it might not be such a bad idea to insure our equipment before submerging it in what is really little more than a large ziplock bag. With that accomplished, we feel marginally more confident about dunking our camera and lenses, by far our largest financial investment with the possible exception of Chelsey’s car, in salt water. We are heading to Steinhatchee tomorrow evening for a weekend of field tests with the new housing—well, in fact we are crashing the Dickson family scalloping trip, but we figure it’ll be a good opportunity to try out the housing as well as harvest a few gallons of delicious scallops—before our first underwater shoot early next week.

Boston Whaler

She’s a good little boat when the motor decides to work…

That’s right, we’re finally getting rolling on our next film, tentatively entitled Seagrass Savanna. We’ll be heading out to Homosassa with UF Fisheries grad student, Savanna Barry, to shoot her work on seagrass in the Gulf. This will be a larger project than the last film, with more work in the field and our first foray into underwater photography, and we are excited to begin. All that’s left to do now is clean out the carburetor on the outboard so that we can actually get on the water… That’s all for now, we’ll check back in after the shoot with maybe a few teaser stills. -Michael Crandall

Gearing Up!

10320920_1455753244672014_2049419973364313017_oOne of the difficulties with working on a low (read: little to nothing) budget is that it can be hard to purchase all the gear needed to make fantabulous films. However, the Ocypodes have been working on accumulating ourselves some stuff, and this week we added a Pelican case to the collection! Gone are the days of hefting the lenses and crossing our fingers that nothing gets wet/smashed/dropped/sat upon! (Not that we would ever do that…) Now off to shoot us some video!