*Update– this film won Best Student Film at the 2015 Beneath the Waves Film Festival and the Making Waves Award at the 2015 Blue Gulf Film Competition!

“I guess I never really did realize how acquainted I would be with different kinds of PVC and PVC fittings as a field ecologist…” So says Savanna Barry, a graduate student at the University of Florida whose studies have taken her in strange directions. In Seagrass Savanna we get to tag along in the field and in the lab as Savanna defies the perception that “marine biology should be more exciting than basically underwater botany.” And considering the vital ecosystem services that seagrasses perform—from filtering water and sequestering carbon to supporting the life cycle of over 80% of Florida’s commercially and recreationally important fish species—she’s got a fair point. The life of a PhD student is both rigorous and demanding, but Savanna’s dedication and resourcefulness are on full display in this brief profile of her work.

*Update– this film won the People’s Choice Award at the 2014 Beneath the Waves Film Festival!

Ocypode Productions presents a profile of University of Florida Graduate Student Michael Dickson. In this short documentary, we take a look at Michael’s work, both in the field and in the lab, as he conducts scientific research into the the ecology and population structure of peppermint shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico.

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This video was originally shared on the Florida Fisheries blog

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